Re: Question: Are there any tutorials on backup and restore helpful for NVDA users who totally rely on speech or Braille?

Kevin Cussick

this program is good, but if Your locked out of windows it can not be used.

On 27/04/2020 17:55, zahra wrote:
i know the excellent program that even restoring backup is accessible
for screen readers.
in the past, it was not freeware unfortunately.
i dont know about current versions of it.
the program is drive snapshot.
On 4/27/20, Brian Vogel <> wrote:

I have nothing on restore simply because I've never had any instance to even
try to do one with a screen reader.  Given that most recovery is done
through a dedicated bootable disk, and not Windows itself, since you are
actually trying to recover a Windows System Image, it's doubtful that there
is any way to do so with a screen reader.  If someone knows of a recovery
utility that either has a screen reader built in or that can otherwise be
made to speak I'd love to hear about it.

You could use any backup & recovery suite of your choosing, but I wrote a
tutorial several years ago on using Macrium Reflect Free to take backups.
The first page deals entirely with installing the utility, which you'll do
only once.  The second is the set of step-by-step instructions for actually
taking the backup.  In this day and age of ransomware, I do not recommend
that backup drives remain attached to a machine other than when a backup is
being taken or a recovery performed.  Any drive that's attached if
ransomware hits gets encrypted, and in the case of a backup drive that makes
having the backup pointless.

*Using Macrium Reflect Free with a Screen Reader (

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