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You can't go wrong with Dell.

Personally I prefer Dell, Toshiba or Asus. Acer is also good, but stay away
from Linovo and even further away from HP, because those tend to give the
most problems. I have had more students asking my advice about the last
mentioned brands than anything else.

Just try to get a laptop with a numpad if possible.

Every person is entitled to their own opinion and it is not necessary to go
for the most expensive machine, just the most reliable which you know you
can afford. If an R4 500 machine does a wonderful job, it is not necessary
to buy something for 4 times more expensive because of the specs.

It may just be a good idea to run Classic Shall on Windows 10 so that it
behaves like Windows 7. However, I find that Windows 10 is the most
responsive thus far and it is quick when receiving commands.


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For open book go to the freedom scientific webpage and downloaded the latest
update to open book 9 so that it will work with windows 10.

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On Aug 14, 2016, at 4:11 PM, Lino Morales <>

As far as memory you need 2 GB to run 10. I'd go 5 to 8 if I was you. If
you have ran WIN 8 which you have I don't think it should be that big of an
adjustment. Shoot I whent from using XP to WIN 10 last year. Kerzweil 1000,
Open book etc. should work great with WIN 10.

On 8/14/2016 10:49 AM, Nicholas Stevens wrote:
Hi all,
Hope somebody can maybe assist me with some Windows 10 inforrmation.
I'm considering maybe buying a computer which is running Windows 10 to
repllace this computer which is old and giving me plenty of problems. Is it
very easy to use Windows 10 or is it a huge adjustment? I have previously
worked on a pc rnning Windows 8.
My mane questions for thee moment are:
1. I use Openbook 8.0 for scanning and reading documents. Would I be able
to run it on Windows 10 or would I have to purchase another copy?
2. Is there a certain amount of memory that I should get when upgrading
to Windows 10 or doesn't it make a differencce. I'm aware that I have to run
NVDA as Jaws doesn't support Windows 10 unless upgrading to the latest Jaws.
If anybody has any other advice and tips for me I would really apreciate
I llook forward too your responses.

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