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I would say that usually things that ran on 8 run on 10, don't use the Edge browser, use Firefox, Don't use the mail app, use tbird or the hack of outlook express or if you are getting office try to get 2013 not 2016 and try Outlook for mail.

Narrator is better on 10, and can to some extent make Edge useable, but to me at least it seems sluggish though it does have better navigation than anything else I've tried, it certainly does not perform as well as nvda with programs not made by Microsoft.

This is the anniversary edition I have been playing with. I actually like the alphabet organised start menu option over the mess before and the ability to do voice searches can be interesting though not of much real use other than the wow factor at first.

What else? Well most of it is just window dressing and to me the security settings even at minimum get in the way all too often for my taste. Somebody needs to hack it ..:-)
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Hi all,
Hope somebody can maybe assist me with some Windows 10 inforrmation.
I'm considering maybe buying a computer which is running Windows 10 to repllace this computer which is old and giving me plenty of problems. Is it very easy to use Windows 10 or is it a huge adjustment? I have previously worked on a pc rnning Windows 8.
My mane questions for thee moment are:
1. I use Openbook 8.0 for scanning and reading documents. Would I be able to run it on Windows 10 or would I have to purchase another copy?
2. Is there a certain amount of memory that I should get when upgrading to Windows 10 or doesn't it make a differencce. I'm aware that I have to run NVDA as Jaws doesn't support Windows 10 unless upgrading to the latest Jaws.
If anybody has any other advice and tips for me I would really apreciate it.
I llook forward too your responses.

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