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Ron Canazzi

Hi Bhanu,

With NVDA, when you press insert + F7,  you get a list of all elements--not just links.  Back tab once after invoking this keystroke and make sure that 'links' is highlighted.  Then when you invoke the key stroke and use first letter navigation to highlight a link, when you press enter, the link will activate.

On 4/30/2020 2:12 AM, bhanu computer wrote:

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hi all, when i use jaws and if i access any listed links by down arrow and click any link it is clicking it. but if i access listed links  using down arrow in NVDA then its not working if i press enter. unless i move focus manually to the link. but in jaws i dont need to move my focus manually to the link after bullet it automaticly moves its focus. but i want to impliment in NVDA. is that posible? if so, how.

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