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Rui Fontes

Hi James!

First, can we consider this as a basic review?

Second, in my NVDA, appears a option "Application dictionary" in NVDA, Settings, Dictionary...

Do not appear on yours?

Rui Fontes

NVDA portuguese team

Às 15:39 de 30/04/2020, James Scholes escreveu:

Looks good.  I think it would be helpful, and relatively easy, to add an "Application dictionary" option within the NVDA menu, within Settings -> Speech dictionaries.  The gesture is fine, but requires people to read the docs before they can use it.  Rather than it just showing up where they expect it to.


James Scholes

On 29/04/2020 at 2:27 pm, Rui Fontes wrote:
Hello friends!

Application Dictionary
• Authors: Ricardo M. Leonarczyk and Rui Fontes
• Version: 1.3
• Download stable version <>
• Compatibility: NVDA: 2019.1 to 2020.1


This simple add-on makes possible to create application-specific dictionaries for NVDA.
To use the add-on, just go to the application for wich you want a dictionary for, and press NVDA+shift+p. The normal NVDA dictionary dialog will open for you to add entries valid only for the active application (the application name should appear in the dialog title). The default add-on shortcut can be changed through NVDA's input gestures dialog: under configuration node, expand the node that says "Shows the application-specific dictionary dialog".

"NVDA+Shift+p": Shows the application-specific dictionary dialog

Rui Fontes and Ricardo M. Leonarczyk

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