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Ron Canazzi

Hi Dan/Fresh Start,

Pontes must be updated before it works properly again.  Every now and then, Youtube grows wise to Pontes and similar programs.  They change something in the download logarithm that makes Pontes not work so well.  Sometimes this issue is caused by a JAVA update.  If JAVA causes the issue, all you need do is uninstall and reinstall Pontes--being sure to delete all associated folders.  But I already tried that and it still is having issues.  You will have to wait until Pontes developers update the program.

...And you are sending out a 'pirated song' with every daily devotion--HMMMMMM! Interesting!

On 4/30/2020 10:16 AM, Fresh Start wrote:

Greetings all,

I am not sure who recommended Pontes Media downloader.  But hit is been awesome.  however, I have been having a little issue lately.  I am using version 3.0.

1.        How do I get Pontes to empty the table of past url’s?

2.       2.  Sometimes when pasting the url from youtube into the url field for downloading, then tabbing to the download button and pressing enter on it, the file doesn’t always download.

3.       I go back to check the url field and find it is empty.  But one more shift tab back there is a list of past download url’s.

4.       I tried copying and pasting the shortcut listing with no luck. NVDA will read me the first column but not what that keystroke does in the second column.

5.       How can I get the complete table to copy to the clipboard to paste into Word and save.


7.       I have had great success with Pontes.  But lately, It takes a few times getting the file.  I am went through the program options and think all is set right.  I genuine thank anyone for some directions.  I send a song out with each of my daily devotions and rely heavily on the awesome program…  Blessings in any of


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