Re: NVDA add-on Developer toolkit getting started guide contributions


I use Visual Studio.
Actually, I write everything myself. Then I make corrections with various tools.
I also use Firefox's console for advanced reviews on the page.

On 01/05/2020 22:05, Andy B. wrote:



To help write a portion of the NVDA add-on Developer toolkit getting started guide, I have two questions for its current users, or potential users of the add-on:



  1. What system do you currently use to arrange controls/html elements on the screen?
  2. If you don’t create user interfaces or HTML content, what barriers prevent you from doing so?

Send your responses to ajborka@.... Thanks for your help in the creation of a getting started guide.


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I’m student and programmer. I write often Python, sometimes Go and rare C++.
I can understand Turkish and English.

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