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On Fri, May 1, 2020 at 07:05 PM, Gene wrote:
In the punctuation dialog, there is a setting for some marks that deal with the end of a sentence.
As well as other relative positions.  A good example of that is what gets labeled as "negative number" which I'd have to presume is a hyphen when placed immediately before a numeric digit.

The first three are period at the end of a sentence, pronounced as dot, exclamation point at end of sentence, pronounced as bang, and question mark at end of sentence, pronounced as question.  (This is, of course, when you're in a reading mode with punctuation symbols enabled.  There's also an in-word single quotation mark, pronounced as tick.

Other than a couple of phrase ending characters, like semicolon and colon, the rest are mostly emoji characters, fractions, and monetary symbols.

I've had an explanation of the levels and preservation in the past (and it was probably on this group, but might have been via private correspondence) but I can't recall exactly how those two attributes work.

I'd imagine there has got to be a language-specific pronunciation table for punctuation, but since I've never used any language but English (and don't intend to experiment at the moment) I can't say for certain.

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