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Dennis L <dennisl1982@...>

After I write the last word of the sentence and press period it speaks it as dot.  This is not what I want.


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              This is a serious question:  When did it say it as dot?

              In playing with this, until I set both the period, sentence ending to read as period instead of dot, and set the straight period character to read as period instead of dot, if I wrote a sentence with a terminal period and then began backspacing out characters it would read as dot.   Once both were set to period then it was reading as period.  This suggests to me that when backspacing out characters to delete them NVDA is matching characters as single characters (which makes sense) rather than trying to use sentence context.  I don't want punctuation pronounced as a general rule, so I have not turned on anything that makes this occur when actually writing.  So when I put the period on any of these sentences it is not announced at all, nor are the letters as I type or the words as I complete them.

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