Re: Sharing Miranda NG packs


Ok, I understand. The version that I'm using is accessible, but some things that you describe, for example ability to go to the contact list with alt tab are not present or are in some setting that I don't know how is named. However, personally I prefer the Miranda NG on the systray, but that is not the thing, and other things souns interesting to me.

Well... your version is portable or you installed it? if is portable, I think you can copy that on other folder, open the copy and remove your accounts, your history, etc etc.

El 02/05/2020 a las 14:11, Robert Kingett escribió:

The accessible pack for blind folks I downloaded years ago and have since upgraded, changes a lot of things that make managing windows easier for screen reader folks and a bunch of other stuff, such as the ability to alt tab to your contact list, the ability to alt tab to various chat windows. Disables certain settings that interfere with chat histories and otherwise, like avatars, and more, but I can't remember all the changes.

I also can't seem to find the old link to the old blind accessible version. As I said, I'd be more than willing to share my version if I knew how to expoirt the settings without exposing my various accounts.

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