Re: Sharing Miranda NG packs


I have doodled with miranda a little.

To be honest though I havn't done to much.

One thing you can't install every plugin without things screwing up on you so you need to know what every plugin does.

The sebake addition seems nice however a pack is a particular load of plugins and sounds configured.

For instance, the andrelouis sounds are part of miranda im now.

You can select the contact list for blind.

The only extras are the message export and a few other protocols as well as remove personal settings and history sweeper.

As a blind person you probably only need the protocols you want.

You can aparently use discord with it if you really care to.

Though to be honest I havn

't needed to use miranda for ages and due to things I don't like about both I have stopped using discord and unigram on my system alltogether.

Bar skype for a few things due to how some stuff has gone I have basically given up on everything bar email for now anyway.

On 3/05/2020 9:25 am, mk360 wrote:

Ok. I was experimenting for some hours and apparently all configurations can be replied in the official Miranda NG program. So, the thing is what are the best configurations to use Miranda NG with NVDA? I've for now the plugin for blind folks, Changed some parameters to has a better chat Window, for example remove the toolbar, load the history, change other things. Nut, for example, in a spanish forum someone recommends to change on the window options, verify "Tool style main window" and he says that it will put Miranda NG in the alt tab circle, but in my case that not worked.

However, for now I think I'll stop experimenting, because one change that i Did has unexpected results, and I don't know how to revert it, but if any Miranda's NVDA user has comments about its configuration can be useful.



El 02/05/2020 a las 15:58, Robert Kingett escribió:

I'm running the version with the new Facebook plugin, Miranda NG 0.95.2. By the way, not sure why I can't copy what NVDA says to the clipboard in that about dialog box. My version is the latest version, and, as I said previously, all packages have been updated. I didn't just get the blind version and not update it, you know. LOL! But after dinner, I'll remove all my account stuff and share it somewhere. It's portable. It's not the installed version. Got it! See below.

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