Re: Difference between codefactory and Tiflotecnia Vocalizer


I am using code factory sapi addon and as long as you deactivate it betwene major os upgrades its fine.

You can only have 1 voice of each language installed with 1 level low or high, but once you have a small file downloaded you are free to install what languages you want.

For me I have the high quality voices since I have the computer power etc.

The voice activation and installs are all server based though so if for any reason servers time out, things may deactivate till you reactivate again though if that is the case you will not lose anything. is where I got the voices and they are definitely worth it.

A big reason I got the sapi voices was for gaming but also because I have a 64 bit machine and windows seems not to always play nice with 32 bit voices, switching them back to default voices each startup or so I have been told.

On 3/05/2020 11:03 pm, luke scholey wrote:
Hi all

Hope everyone’s safe and well.

Just a quick question, can someone give me a comparison of the Vocalizer (I’m only interested in vocalizer) offerings between the codefactory addon and the Tiflotecnia addon.

I want to know about the quality, responsiveness, number of voices available (they both say the same amount on the website) however Tiflotecnia’s voice page doesn’t seem to offer as many as codefactory, if there’s updates, how easy is that? Do you need to deactivate to do windows updates?

I’m just looking for someone who’s used one or both for a long time who can tell me straight up how they perform.

Thanks for any advice, I know things like this have been covered before, I’ve had a look but they’re spread far and wide over several topics

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