Re: Difference between codefactory and Tiflotecnia Vocalizer

Greg Wocher

I have both the code factory add on and the Tiflotecnia one. I think the code factory add on sounds a bit better than the Tiflotecnia one. The Tiflotecnia add on does seem to be a bit more responsive than the code factory one. I have actually had the Tiflotecnia since it came out for NVDA. There are two reasons I recently purchased the code factory add- on. First is eloquence wich is one of my favorite synths. The second reason is that the code factory add on for vocalizer has voices that the Tiflotecnia one does not. Nathan and Evan are two that come to mind right away.

Greg Wocher

On May 3, 2020, at 1:29 PM, luke scholey <l.scholey@...> wrote:


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