Re: Converting JAWS Dictionaries


Again, from the one person I've done a conversion for, the report is that it worked for some words/phrases but for a few it didn't.  Until or unless I can get enough test cases, and those who get the conversions back and put them in can report what's not working so I can attempt to figure out why, there's not much more I can do.

I do not code in Python, so I won't be doing this as an NVDA add-on.  Given the nature of what's needed, a stand-alone utility (which is what I've tried to create) should be fine, anyway, as this is generally a "one and done" event for a JAWS dictionary to be converted for appending to the appropriate NVDA dictionary.  As the utility currently stands, it will only handle language agnostic JAWS dictionaries reliably.  That means the language for the given word/phrase is not specified.  It's a simple pattern match.

I will not distribute the results to others as far as the code goes until I'm satisfied that I have something that "is bulletproof" and I don't have that yet and can't get there without test cases.

So, if you have dictionaries that are language agnostic that you'd like converted get in touch with me privately and we can work together.

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