Are these buttons? or links or links in buttons but not spoken out?

hurrikennyandopo ...

Hi guys

I have been coming across websites with buttons in them. I do not mind if they are labeled correctly but then when you jump down the page with B for buttons you get a lot of unlabled ones but if i remember right will take you to a page.

Yet if you jump down by links they are spoken out.

So the question is are there links embedded into the button? but because the button is not labled as well it is not spoken out?

 A couple of websites come to mind so you can see what I mean. Even if i could lable them there are 2 many of them.

The first website is is

It says button then link. If navigating by links it is spoken out but not buttons. There are some that just say button.

The second website is

In this case only buttons are spoken out some are and the rest are not.

They can not be activated the usual way with space bar or enter key but only the nvda key + enter key then it comes up with a little information.

Could this also be because they are made more for touch screens where the buttons are not spoken out correctly? or just bad website design? I mean not the website just not doing the buttons correctly.

Gene nz

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