Re: Can anybody get this website menu to work?

John Isige

Thanks Brian! That works in Firefox too. I think I got to that link once
but assumed there was surely other stuff, since it was a submenu. Kind
of a weird design, but that's people for you. Great instruments, kind of
odd website.

On 5/3/2020 8:32 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
In this case, "Looking after your flute," is the one and only option.

I have no trouble, using the Brave browser, NVDA's latest beta
(2020.1.rc1), using the screen reader search to find the Our Polymer
Flutes control.  When I land on it, after a second or so, the "looking
after your flute" item pops up.  I hit tab to land on it, then hit
either Enter or Spacebar to activate it, and the page for same loads.


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