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If I understand what you are saying, this is an example of something I've noticed enough to be stated as an important thing to apply. Just because something is there doesn't mean it is necessary. On the site you are discussing, You see many buttons and you see other things that appear to be useable. If you can use those other things, you may not be missing anything that matters if you can do what you want. I used to see the following a lot more but the principle still applies. I used to see sites with a lot of unlabeled links in the navigation links at the top of the page. The bottom of the page contained the same oor a lot of the same links that read properly for some reason. If I could use the site to find what I want and do what I want, I simply disregarded the top unlabeled links, especially if experimentally clicking on one or two led me to the same place as clicking on one or two of the bottom links. but that experiment, though interesting, wasn't necessary to use the page. It was just a way to see iff I was right, the the links were redundant or mostly so.


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The first website is is

It says button then link. If navigating by links it is spoken out but not buttons. There are some that just say button.Gene,

I will stick to this website, and try as best I can to describe what's happening. The site has some (relatively few) true buttons, it has a number of links, but it is overwhelmingly populated by what was, at least when I last dealt with them, hotspots. These are graphics, generally an image of the product or class that when clicked on takes you to its page. They are, for all practical intents and purposes, buttons, but they are not button objects. What's interesting is when I use the NVDA+F7 for the NVDA elements list, if I change the element to Headings virtually all of these hotspots have individually dedicated headings (which are links themselves, contained in the hotspot), and those headings are the product name/description itself, e.g, Kogan 12 L Air Fryer, Kogan Mobile SIM - Prepaid starter pack, Trafalgar Set of 2 Hotel Quality Goose Down Pillows. If you activate the heading, you land on the link for that product and if you activate that, you are taken to its page. If you can see you can click anywhere within the hotspot border and you'll end up on the product description page, just like you would if you navigate to the heading for the product, then activate that heading link.



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