Re: Are these buttons? or links or links in buttons but not spoken out?


On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 11:26 PM, Gene wrote:
Just because something is there doesn't mean it is necessary.
And there are plenty of things that are there explicitly for the sighted, as webpages are a visual medium, that are accessed slightly differently, but where the same things are accessible via screen reader using conventional elements as well.

I have seen (and not on this group, I might add) tons of screaming about "discrimination" against blind folks that I, personally, think is simply not there.  Web pages will never be primarily designed for screen reader users.  Things like hotspots will be used because they are incredibly enticing to the main target demographic:  sighted individuals.  That same target demographic makes up the vast majority of users.

If what I or anyone who sees get to one way, but you can get to just as easily via another, and that other is a conventional element like a link, header, button, etc., it's a difference, period, and one that makes sense.  There is no way (or reason) to make a hotspot where I can click anywhere in it to get to the product's own page otherwise accessible when the very link that I go to when I click anywhere in the hotspot is an actual heading in the page itself that reads with the exact product name (in the case of the Kogan website).  You can get to anything I can get to, and you will have the screen reader reading the exact thing I see in the image that makes up the hotspot text.

The Kogan site, from everything I can determine, is as accessible to a screen reader user, using conventional features of a screen reader, as it is to me via point and click.  That's all it needs to be in order to be accessible.  And given how visually cluttered it is, and as perverse as it sounds, doing a quick through that list of headings is in certain ways far less distracting and far more direct way of finding something.  The visual layout of that page is busy, busy, busy, busy - and that's with an ad blocking browser being used.  I can only imagine what is being blocked as far as flashing, scrolling, and other devices meant to draw attention - all of which have always made me insane - hence the reason I've employed ad blockers since the first day I knew they existed.

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