thunderbird gmail notice


Hi all.

Please forward this out to anyone that uses thunderbird.

Note it may effect other clients.

Google seems to have quietly changed their security policy reguarding logins.

In short google will no longer accept normal passwords.

It was fine a little while ago, now it aint.

To fix, you need to go to tools, alt t and navigate to accounts and hit enter.

Select your account which will be your email address or the name you called it.

Next scroll down the tree view to server settings and tab all the way to authentication.

Next in the box talking about authentication press end or hit the down arrow till you hear o auth2 or till you can't go any lower.

Hit ok.

It appears that google no longer allows normal unencripted passwords to be sent to its server.

That is a good thing.

However unless I have been living in a dungeon they never told us about it.

So if you use a normal password you will get a message saying "username and account not accepted."

This message is not helpfull at the least.

The first thing I did was look at the password and check security events.

There were a few I had to confirm but they were not my issue.

I then deleted and recreated the account then renamed the account.

I then tried all the incription methods to see what it was and then well it worked.

On the pluss side the fully incripted logins seem to work much faster than they used to.

It appears that outlook is not effected.

I really wish google gave me a better error message, ie to the effect I needed to visit their site then when I logged in explain they had changed things but no, to much to ask for during a lockdown.

On the google point, how do I remove access to apps, I can see removal buttons but can't click them.


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