Re: thunderbird gmail notice


Well that setting seems no more.

Its still working in my dad's outlook but I can't seem to find how to switch the security protocols.

Google seems to have started getting rid of all less secure access on their accounts and seem to slowly be roling out killing apps that are not secured.

Sadly outlook seems to be one of these apps, for what its worth its still working here but who knows what happens if I need to reload the account or it suddenly stops.

On 5/05/2020 12:17 am, Luke Davis wrote:
For what it's worth, my old alpine text based client in Linux is still accessing gmail just fine with the same old IMAP over SSL I've always used.

Every once in a while, they make me log in to their site and re-enable the old/less secure apps setting, but they haven't done so in at least six months.


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