locked Re: wxpython


Two values are written to pos. The values are tuple.
X and Y coordinates.
X horizontal, Y vertical.

But this approach is not a good approach for a blind programmer. Because items on the screen will overlap frequently.
The order of Pixels changes on each screen. For example 1320x720

I recommend setting the sizer system to Grid.
Sizer splits the screen like a table and places items like the columns of this table.

On 04/05/2020 19:44, bhanu computer wrote:
hi all, i want to position my wxpython controlls to top botm ubut i dont know which int sets which position. for example wx.Button(pos=) where i left empty after equals i dont know what to fill here. i mean i dont know which value puts in which position. please tell me which value put the controll in which position. thanks in advance


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