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I had less secure settings on, you are right about that.

I simply was not aware that thunderbird was one of those.

My assumption was simply that google was thinking that the only secure apps were google apps.

It appears that google is roling out the change everywhere.

At least now we know any modern app using the right protocols will be fine.

And at least most newer phones and anything using google service will support it.

Thunderbird may have had the option but I have never been prompted and have never bothered looking for something that up till now has continued to run floorlessly.

Up to now a secure app has always been windows mail, apple mail, and google's own apps like chrome.

I simply assumed that google was trying to cosy up to its own tech and never though that maybe it wasn't and that apps would support these standards.

If I had known, I would have switched ages ago.

For one thing, I am getting mail coming in at least a minute faster.

Google seems to be updating this on its enterprise gsweet blog but not to general users and I had to look for the information.

Its new news to me but then as I said I havn't needed to change my login methods since 1995.

The last time I did this was for ssl in 2005 or there abouts and that was it.

Its nice to see completely secured things going on.

But for the users on outlook 2016 and earlier unless I load 2factor on everything meaning every app and task I have has a spaciffic password for it, I will have to upgrade outlook and office to 2019 so it works.

Potentially anyway.

Outlook still works for now but I have no idea about how google's roleout is supposed to work for consumers so there could be a failier any time now.

On 5/05/2020 2:24 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
OAUTH2 has been in use for several years now, and not only by Google.   It is what makes a given application no longer a "less secure app."

I can't imagine how you weren't prompted long ago to use OAUTH authentication except if you had the "less secure apps" option turned ON in your Google Account.

What's described certainly does not qualify as "new news" in any way, shape or form.  I do know that at one point, and I can't remember when, I got a notice from Google telling me that they were going to turn "less secure apps" off in all accounts unless the user went in and did something intentional to leave the setting in place.  I was using that setting at the time, which was just before Thunderbird and one other e-mail client I used to play with were updated to use modern authentication standards.


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