Re: Excess verbosity when tabbing through tables in MS Word

Quentin Christensen

Have you restarted the PC since you updated NVDA?  If not, go to the Start menu and restart the PC.  Next, try restarting NVDA with add-ons disabled (NVDA+Q then down arrow to Restart with add-ons disabled and press enter).  If it is still happening, a copy of your log at debug level might be useful:

First of all, your NVDA key is either INSERT or CAPS LOCK, depending on how you have NVDA setup.  So, to set your log level:
1) Press NVDA+control+g to open the general settings
2) Press TAB until the focus is on ""Log level""
3) Press DOWN ARROW to get to ""Debug""
4) Press ENTER to close settings
5) Press NVDA+control+c to save settings.

To restart NVDA with add-ons disabled:
1) Press NVDA+Q
2) Down arrow to ""Restart with add-ons disabled""
3) Press ENTER

Next, recreate the issue - do whatever cuases problems.

To get NVDA's log after that, there are several ways:

If NVDA is still running and useable:
1) Press NVDA+F1 to open the log viewer
2) Press CONTROL+A to select all.
3) Press CONTROL+C to copy.
4) Open your email and start a message to info@..., type a little about what you have done and what has happened in the body of the message, then leave a space and:
5) Press CONTROL+V to paste the copied log.

Instead of using the log viewer, or if NVDA has stopped and you needed to restart it or the computer:
1) Press WINDOWS+R to open Windows' Run dialog
2) Type %temp% and press ENTER (that's the percent sign, the letter t e m p and another percent sign).  Windows Explorer should open to the temporary folder.
3) Press TAB to move to the file list
4) Press N and move down to find up to three files:  nvda.log (the log file for the current or most recent NVDA session), nvda-old.og (the log from the previous session) and nvda-crash.dmp (a crash dump with more information created if NVDA itself crashes).
5) Depending on what email program you use, the steps will be different, but attach as many of those three files to an email to info@... as will be useful, and again in the body of the message describe a bit about what has happened.

On Mon, May 4, 2020 at 10:31 PM Rick <softwarethatworks@...> wrote:



With the latest release candidate (RC1) of NVDA, when I tab through a table in MS Word, it speaks the text in the next table cell followed by the same text saying selected and then speaking the deselected text from the previous cell. Is there a way to disable this behavior? Jaws only speaks the cell content of the new cell selected.


Using One Core voices, latest version of office 365, Windows 10 pro.




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