Re: PDF Alternative Apart from Edge?

Clement Chou

So is Edge the best solution for reading pdfs right now? That's
unfortunate if it is...

On 5/5/20, Sascha Cowley via
<> wrote:
In my experience, Acrobat is even clunkier than it used to be. I still
keep it around as it's slightly better with some tagged PDFs, and I
often need to fill PDF forms, which Edge doesn't support.

On 6/05/2020 07:39, Clement Chou wrote:
Thanks. I'll give that a try... last time I tried adobe reader it was
a bit clunky at best... hopefully things have improved a little. Just
wanted to see what others were using.

On 5/5/20, molly the blind tech lover <> wrote:
You might want to try adobe acrobat. There is a free version. You can
pdfs open in adobe and read them that way if you like.

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Been using Edge to read PDF's for awhile now, but am trying to find one
that's more dedicated and that works better than Edge. Any
Adobe products still the best solution? Or is there a more accesible

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