Re: Converting JAWS Dictionaries

Luke Davis

On Sun, 3 May 2020, Brian Vogel wrote:

much more I can do.I do not code in Python, so I won't be doing this as an NVDA add-on.  Given the nature of what's needed, a stand-alone utility (which is
what I've tried to create) should be fine, anyway, as this is generally a "one and done" event for a JAWS dictionary to be converted for appending to the
appropriate NVDA dictionary.
Is that a reasonable assumption though?
How many people use both Jaws and NVDA?
Haven't you yourself advised having more than one screen reader, on the multiple tools theory?

Wouldn't it therefore make more sense as an add-on that scans Jaws dictionaries on the system, and updates NVDA's dictionary on startup?
Or vice-versa, if that's possible?


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