Re: Converting JAWS Dictionaries


On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 01:52 AM, Luke Davis wrote:
Is that a reasonable assumption though?
Sure it is.  But even if it isn't, I don't work for NVAccess, and I don't code in python.  When someone's offered to do something, for free, that you want done then you can either accept or decline.  If someone else wants to step up to do this, then have at it.

I presume someone asking for this sort of thing has been a long term JAWS user, who has compiled an extensive dictionary, and does not want to have to start over again from scratch when starting to use NVDA.  So far, based on those who've contacted me, that presumption has been valid.

And you've been around long enough to have seen me make the statement that any screen reader user should have at least basic competence in a screen reader other than their preferred one.  With NVDA and Narrator available, JAWS users have no excuse, and with Narrator available NVDA users have no excuse.  There are times when any screen reader "doesn't play well" with a given thing that another screen reader will.  It's gonna happen, so it makes sense to be prepared for when it does.

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