Re: can't get nvda remote to work

Luke Davis


You said you are using "nvdaremote" for the host. I don't know if you meant that literally, but if so, be aware that it should be "".

You were probably just using shorthand there, but I have seen such seemingly obvious oversights cripple many hours of productivity as well, so thought I would point it out.


On Tue, 5 May 2020, Glenn / Lenny wrote:

I could not get NVDA remote to work, so I updated the add-on and it didn't work, so I updated NVDA and it still did not work, so I updated the remote to
work with the latest NVDA, and it still tells me that it cannot connect to the remote server.
I am using nvdaremote for the host, and I have tried generating a key and I have made up a 4-digit key and nothing works.
I used to use this all the time, so it isn't from me not having experience with it.
Any help is appreciated.

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