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Since GMail considers almost every program to be less secure and since you aren't likely to be hacked using these widely used programs, why bother to learn another program that is more secure but where it doesn't matter? 
If you are hacked, you will know immediately.  you will receive a message from GMail to your back up e-mail address telling you that someone logged into your account with this or that device and I believe giving an approximate location.  If you use a good password, unless your machine is infectedd with malware or GMail itself is hacked, I consider the risk of being hacked to be small or negligible. 
If I used e-mail for some sort of important purposes, I would encrypt it if privacy were a concern.  for typical discussions such as list mail and conversations with friends, why bother?

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To those on outlook and other programs as long as your program supports
o auth 2 it will be fine.

Even though thunderbird with normal passwords works fine with o auth I
get a faster experience with sending and recieving.

I did have less secure apps on, but just turned it off since now I am
able to use o auth in thunderbird I have no desire or need to leave that

Becides google keeps complaining about it every so often so I don't have it.

If you currently use outlook as a home user and either don't use any
advanced features or are only using it for mail, I'd personally switch
to thunderbird and turn on o auth so that you can get mail without this
insecure stuff.

You can also buy office 2019 which should have this security standard.

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