Re: google and insecure apps


On Thu, May 7, 2020 at 06:09 AM, Gene wrote:
Since GMail considers almost every program to be less secure
This is absolutely incorrect.  I haven't had to have "less secure apps" turned on for a couple of years now, since any modern programs that attempt to access Google long ago were updated to employ OAUTH2.

If you are using an ancient e-mail client like Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail (of a certain age, anyway) you'll have to enable the less secure apps option, and even then only sometimes.  You have the option of using app-specific passwords (but that's only if you have 2-step verification on - and I never do as I consider it gross overkill on my Google account).

Even utilities to do things like mass deletion of Google Calendar events or to sync Google Contacts and Calendar to Outlook are OAUTH2 compliant.

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