Re: new suggestion

Andre Fisher


Is it something like this? When browsing the web, and possibly in Word, the user would want NVDA to focus on the text that would appear after a bullet or number in a list, rather than on the bullet or number itself. For example, on the words "Home" and "Edit" in the list below:

1. Home
2. Edit

I'd argue that this is a feature request and not a fix, as NVDA is behaving as it should, for consistency. However, I believe that this request stems from some links being after bulleted and numbered lists.

Personally, I don't mind the current behaviour. As stated before, it's consistent, and if I see a link in a bulleted or numbered list that I'd wanna click, I automatically just press the K key followed by Enter to activate it. This also works if the link is in the middle of the line.

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