any update for add ons

ken lawrence

Hi NVDA my NVDA just now updated.  I have the add on for skype and the add on for teamtalk client. These are incompatible with NVDA’s most recent versions but not sure if I want to uninstall them because I want to make sure they don’t have updates coming.  Any timetable on when or if these addons will have versions that work with the newer NVDA?  I use both quite a bit and the thing I notice about skype is after I sign in to our radio station or when I sign back into my account after a show I’m locked into focus mode even when I tab to exit the form and I have to go to an email or a website to snap it off.  Insirt and space bar doesn’t work.  I could use a little better information on teamtalk too.  Will these add ons eventually work again with newer versions? 


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