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if mozilla thunder bird has a attachment it will be spoken by nvda.

You can also down load the attachments by doing the following. Press the ALT key until the file menu comes up in your email you are looking at then go to message then down to attachments then arrow right to save or save all hit the enter key pick a location to save them to mine is uslally the desk top. Just before the same menu you can see how many attachments there are but if there are a few some times save all is the best bet unless you only want certain ones.

I have not done it through the emailo while open to attachments as i like the other way.

Gene nz

On 8/05/2020 6:09 am, Grant Metcalf wrote:
I am looking for information about how to know or recognize if a Thunderbird email has an attachment and how to save it. I have not found anything on the links that were recommended.
Much to learn~!
Thank you.
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