Vlad Dragomir

Good morning everyone,


I hope I’m wrong, but it seems to me that NVDA doesn’t like Torrent clients, or rather, Torrent clients don’t like NVDA. I’m in desperate need of an accessible, configurable Torrent client. In my experience so far, BitTorrent and UTorrent have inaccessible installers so I can’t even try them. I also played with qBittorrent, Tixati, PicoTorrent, BiglyBT, Halite And Transmission. Some are totally inaccessible, others don’t allow me to change any default settings. I admit I’m running out of ideas. If anybody had better experiences, would he/she kindly share them with me. I’d be very grateful and happy to receive a bit of help/advice. It would be so much better to use torrents instead of direct downloads, especially for Linux distributions or on sites like


Many thanks in advance, and warm regards.



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