Lost voices and speech synths


Hi, this is my first post and it is a great list

On Friday 26th April my Win10 laptop was updated automatically. When the system re-started my NVDA voice had been replaced by Hazel.  On investigation I had lost all voices except Hazel, listed  under Microsoft API version 5 and George, listed under Windows one core voices. The voice I had lost was male, possibly David, but I had not needed to look at this for years. I much prefer the voice I lost.

   At the time I was running nvda Feb 19, so I updated to March 19. This made no difference. Next I reverted to original configuration. This did make a difference. I now had the following settings.

Synthesisors, E speak ng, Microsoft API version 5, Windows one core

In Microsoft API 5 I have only Microsoft zero Desk top United States and Microsoft Hazel English UK.

In Windows one core voices I have, George, Susan and Hazel.

As I don't like any of these voices, I need to find a way to obtain a voice I like.

My questions

1 Was the MS update unusual this time as I have never experienced this situation before?

2    What synthesisers and voices come as standard with nvda?

3    Would an un-install and re-install fix my problem? I have not tried this as I would need sighted help.

4    I followed the recent  thread on Code factory and Tiflow and wonder if I should go to one of these ?

5 How can I download the latest User Manual?

Any advice on these issues would be gratefully received.

with thanks


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