Re: NVDA won't install on win10

hurrikennyandopo ...


Sounds like the school edition of it where it only accepts it from the store and no other place.

I think you can pay some money to make it a full version but if it is a school computer he may not be able to.

In the search box of windows type winver then enter key hopefully it say what it is and not come across one it might have a letter at the end of that version.

I thought at one time there was a copy of nvda put into the store but you could not add ons to it.

Joseph might know more about that.

Gene nz

On 9/05/2020 7:56 am, David Mehler wrote:

I've got a win10 1803 laptop that is not accepting me trying to run
NVDA portable from a thumb drive, keeps saying I can only install apps
from the microsoft store, I have never seen a setting that will not
allow an NVDA install. How do I fix this?


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