nvda 20.1 startup error


Hi all.

Just wandered if anyone has gotten this.

After startup of the system nvda does not always speak saying its reached the desktop but if I hit a key it does.

Even if it does speak, I seem to be getting this error in the log.

There is a similar error when or after the autoupdate check line

on system startup the error is.

ERROR - NVDAObjects.behaviors.LiveText._monitor (11:37:09.710) - Dynamic_KeyboardHandlerBasedTypedCharSupportWinConsoleIAccessibleWindowNVDAObject._monitorThread (3256):
Error getting initial lines
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "NVDAObjects\behaviors.pyc", line 288, in _monitor
  File "NVDAObjects\window\winConsole.pyc", line 73, in _getTextLines
  File "winConsoleHandler.pyc", line 127, in getConsoleVisibleLines
  File "wincon.pyc", line 77, in GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo
OSError: [WinError 6] The handle is invalid.


If I exit and relaunch normally including from a portable coppy without any addons and normally there is none.

It seems just to be if nvda is loading at system startup.

Its really not a show stopper, it just is.

Nvda does come up and it does work but still there it is.

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