Re: NVDA won't install on win10

David Mehler

Hello Everyone,

Thanks to all who offered suggestions. I got the machine fixed. It was
in s mode, the narrator on it wasn't speaking well at all so I
borrowed a pair of eyes, got it out of s mode, and then was able to do
an NVDA install. After that an update from 1803 to 1909 and the
machine was humming along much better.
Again thanks.

On 5/8/20, Richard Wells <> wrote:
Your Windows 10 machine is in what is called S Mode. You will need to go
to the Windows App Store to change this.

On 5/8/2020 2:56 PM, David Mehler wrote:

I've got a win10 1803 laptop that is not accepting me trying to run
NVDA portable from a thumb drive, keeps saying I can only install apps
from the microsoft store, I have never seen a setting that will not
allow an NVDA install. How do I fix this?


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