OE Classic gets more NVDA updates.


I just got the below email. This is in the 3.1 version of OE Classic. It's currently only the pro version. I have no idea when the free version of 3.1 will be released.

The news archive will give a better indication of what's to come in the pro version.

The accessibility email.

We've made a new update of OE Classic which further improves accessibility in the latest update of OE Classic 3.1, 2020-05-08. If you still don't run it, update is already available, please update using the built in update system.

This upgrade brings you info when browsing the message list if a message has been unread, flagged (including colored flags like yellow flag, green flag, blue flag etc.), replied, forwarded or draft.

Simply by browsing through messages this will be read by a screen reader. We tested with NVDA and it appears to work well.

This adds another accessibility improvement to the ones which we've done so far, especially the recent ones in version 3.1 based on your previous sugestions.

The work on this is ongoing and there will likely be further improvements to accessibility as well.

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