Re: Thunderbird 68.8.0: Unwanted Verbosity Is Improved But Not Fixed

Ron Canazzi

Hi David,

I do get all three of these issues, but they are of minor concern to me.  The one thing you didn't mention is the reading of the underlying address when you tab to or arrow to a clickable link in an open message.  This is really annoying to me and happens one hundred percent of the time.

On 5/10/2020 3:27 AM, David Goldfield wrote:

The release notes for TB 68.8.0 indicates that the extra messages heard by screen readers has been addressed. While the situation may have improved I don't believe that this issue has been totally addressed.

1. When pressing enter to open a message NVDA begins to announce something which sounds like "loading message" but the announcement is usually cut off fairly quickly. I suspect that this could be happening more on slower machines.

2. When a message that I am composing is being automatically saved to my drafts folder the status message indicating this is clearly being announced, as in "copying message to drafts folder." Should this be happening?

3. When I press ctrl-enter to send a message I sometimes hear the beginning of a status announcement but it gets cut off very quickly and I'm not able to determine what it's trying to tell me. I guess I should load the speech viewer to better capture some of what is being announced but I don't recall hearing any of this information prior to this problem initially being introduced.

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