Re: Thunderbird 68.8.0: Unwanted Verbosity Is Improved But Not Fixed


On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 02:56 PM, Ali Savas wrote:
Maybe the developers of NVDA can do something about the verbosity.
And this is true.  However, just as Mr. Kingett suggested filing a bug report with Mozilla, the same applies as far as NVDA, but using the GitHub system:

New Issue button (after, of course, having searched to see if the issue you're about to report may have been reported already by someone else, in which case you could enter a comment to it).

While making posts to these lists is entirely appropriate as an awareness-raising mechanism for the membership, it is not appropriate if you want to have those who are capable of fixing something know that there's a problem to begin with.  That requires bug reporting, no matter the software involved.  In a case like this, it likely requires two bug reports, as it is unclear what needs to be changed.  And the fact that JAWS does one thing while NVDA does another is no guarantee that NVDA is "wrong" and JAWS is "right."  There are all sorts of subtle differences in behavior based on both intentional action and different decisions being made about "what's best."

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