locked Re: How to prevent NVDA from automatically reading messages in outlook when open them?


On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 04:35 PM, Richard Bartholomew wrote:
to read it in your preferred mode by default.
And when, "your preferred method," could be one of who knows how many, it becomes ridiculous to try to implement said preferences.  This may not be one of those cases, but I am discussing a general principle.

There are constant complaints about how complex the preferences settings are for a wide variety of programs, but those complexities are the direct result of trying to allow individual users maximum control over how things work.  And even then, default choices have to be made, none of which satisfy everyone.

There are times when giving no options makes far more sense than giving many, when exiting the default behavior is a single keystroke away.  You (any you) may argue whether that's the case here, and that's perfectly legitimate discussion, but it's very hard to argue the general principle.  Option bloat is a very serious issue to be considered and it's often hard to strike the right balance between "all" or "nothing" that makes most happy.  Everyone will never be happy.

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