locked Re: How to prevent NVDA from automatically reading messages in outlook when open them?


On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 06:12 PM, Dennis L wrote:
Its clearly not just me who wants this.
No, it's not.  So far the "yeas" are 2, and the nays keep increasing.

This will be my last comment.  I'm not saying your wants should not be heard, but I am saying that they appear to be in the distinct minority, and that means they're unlikely to result in any change.

Hareth's comment expresses my personal feeling/opinion on the matter, but better.  My comment to Richard Bartholomew, https://nvda.groups.io/g/nvda/message/73646, can stand as a final statement from me that addresses the underlying considerations.

And, again, as has been emphasized elsewhere on this very group over the last several days:  If you have a change you wish to see, then please, file a feature request (for a new or extended feature) or a bug report on NVDA's GitHub.  That's how things actually get rolling, at least when they do get rolling.  The response to any feature request can be either, "No," or, "Not now, and it's a low priority."  Real bugs always get addressed in order of severity.

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