Re: Thunderbird 68.8.0: Unwanted Verbosity Is Improved But Not Fixed

Brian Moore

Hi  That's a good though that I didn't consider.  Since I never bother with speech dictionaries, I didn't realize that they took regular expressions.  I did know this at one point because I think there was a question about this on the NVDA certification exam when I took it but this is a good idea. Shall experiment.

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On 5/10/2020 4:41 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
On Sun, 10 May 2020, Brian Moore wrote:

The other thing which gets announced regardless of status bar state is imap syncing such as "downloading message 6 of 14 in spam" etc. Because I have 4
email accounts, these imap syncing announcements are frequent and interrupt work regularly.
You can probably mute those with a regular expression in a dictionary.
I'm going on your text only; you might have to look at the log or speech viewer to see what the exact text sent to the synth is, but something like this might work for you:

^downloading *message *\d+ * of *\d+ *in.*$

With nothing as the replacement text.


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