locked Re: How to prevent NVDA from automatically reading messages in outlook when open them?


If you are reading mail as HTML, it will, by default, read the entire message.  There is a setting in NVDA to not automatically use read to end which, as I recall, is in the Browse Mode settings.
If you turn this off, I would expect, though I haven't checked, that the first line of the message would be read.  This will affect anything using browse mode unless you use a profile. 

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Web pages are a little different though. If you go to a web page, there might be
several minutes of reading menus, sidebars, headers, and other crap, before you
ever get to the meat of the page.
That's why the auto read for webpages can be turned off.

With an email, if you open it, presumably you intend to read all or part of it,
and so it is more reasonable to start reading it.

That said, in my mind, it would make a lot more sense if it started reading the
entire mesage rather than just the first line. If it just reads the first line,
you still have to take manual action to read the rest of the message. It seems
like it would not be satisfying either the people who want to hear nothing, or
the ones who want to hear the entire message without doing anything after they
hit open. So I'm not sure of the value of a first line only read.


  On Mon, 11 May 2020, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

> Actually I have my web pages not read a thing. I know when they are open only when I check, and for me that's fine. Same with most messages, although
> reading the first line would be nice.

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