Re: Remote Relay server

seb naudet

Hello Jonathan and Ralph,

thank you for links and little help.

server works great and now i understand better github pages.


Le 11/05/2020 à 21:23, Jonathan Milam a écrit :

There is a precompiled server for windows here:

Extract this to any location of your choosing. Inside the folder, right
click service manager.cmd and run it as administrator. Here is where you can
select to install the service, run it at startup, among other self
explanatory features.

Another good idea is to run the NVDA remote certificate.cmd file, again as
administrator, to create your own SSL certificate for your remote server.

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Subject: [nvda] Remote Relay server

Hello list,

i'd like to run my own relay server, does someone know where to find a
compiled one for windows?

i've been to the GitHub page of remote relay server, but, if possible, i'd
prefer to avoid compiling step.

any idea where to find the server and a simple guide?

thank you


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