New SpeakOn MediaSuite NVDA add-on for version 2019.3.1 and later

Isaac Porat

Hello all

A new SpeakOn MediaSuite NVDA add-on is available for NVDA versions 2019.3.1 and later. This add-on does nothing by itself, you need to download and install SpeakOn Media suite for it to work.

More information to enable you to decide if it might be for you is provided towards the end of this message.

About a month ago there was an extensive discussion on this mailing list about SpeakOn Media suite as part of podcast and books readers related threads.

In addition to these, SpeakOn can handle Music, Radio and RNIB Newspapers and Magazines in the UK.

The SpeakOn MediaSuite home page where you can find more information including links to the download page and mailing list is at:

The NVDA add-on is a convenience or a necessity depends how you interact with SpeakOn; you can use a Standard keyboard, a numerical keypad or a touch screen.

Information on the NVDA add-on and a link to download can be found at:

Please note the following based on recent questions:

* SpeakOn is self voicing.

* SpeakOn supports English only.

* SpeakOn itself has not been updated for a while but with a minor exception everything works and there are no known bugs.

* Audio books:

It supports Daisy 2 as used in the UK and (I think) most of Europe, it does not support Daisy 3 as used in the US.

Books made of individual audio files as well as playlists are also supported

* Written books:

epub is supported as well as plain text.

* PDF is not supported

* DRM protection is not supported



Isaac Porat

SpeakOn developer

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