Work Around For Excel Latest Version With NVDA And New Interface for File Importation

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I had requested some help on several lists as to the new more graphical data importation interface within Excel latest version. It is very graphical and neither JAWS or NVDA works well with it. The work around is to use the 'legacy wizard system.'  To do this you Press alt + A for data, tab once to the list of choices, press enter and then arrow down to legacy wizard and press enter.  You get a choice of several.  Choose the desired legacy wizard interface and the old dialogue type interface launches.  There are a series of associated hotkeys to accomplish this, but I haven't memorized them yet.  When it gets to the application of multiple hotkeys to the level of 5 or 6, I find it almost easier to use the ribbon interface to navigate to the proper item.

...Oh for the good old days of menus and dialogues!

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