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It may be better to just let NVDA crash, then start it again.  You said after the first crash, it works properly.  The crash won't hurt anything, it will just mean you have to run the program again. 
it sounds as though NVDA is trying to run before something in Windows has loaded that an add-on needs to load.  If you want to use all the add-ons you have, as I said, it may just be better to let NVDA crash.  If you are trying to solve the problem because you are worried about harm being caused, you don't have to worry.  Some problems are better left as they are.
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Wow I’m truly grateful then.


One more thing I’ve noticed. If I uncheck the box “Automatically start NVDA after I log on to Windows” in Settings, and manually start NVDA a few seconds after restart, everything’s perfect. Which makes me want to ask this: is there any way to tell NVDA to start, let’s say, 10 seconds after startup? Would that help?


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