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Isaac Porat


Firstly indeed you can mute the NVDA speech manually, with the add-on you don't need to think about it.

If you interact with SpeakOn using the Standard keyboard NVDA might speak when SpeakOn has the focus depending on your general configuration of NVDA (key press echo etc).

A very attractive way to interact with SpeakOn is using the Numpad; only 11 keys are required and one can use the numpad from the main keyboard, a USB numpad and even a wireless one. SpeakOn uses the numbers and you don't want NVDA speaking when you operate the keys, indeed you can do this manually.

A third way You can interact with SpeakOn is using the touch screen on your laptop or tablet (if you are prepared to learn its gestures).

If you do that, you must use the add-on otherwise NVDA gets the input from the screen and the SpeakOn touch gestures don't work.

The alternative is to switch Off NVDA which is of course a pain.

I hope the purpose of the add-on is now clear.



On 12/05/2020 18:36, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi David,

What I use is the sleep mode keystroke.  It is a toggle insert + shift + S to turn speech on/off as you move from program to program if necessary.

On 5/12/2020 10:53 AM, David Griffith wrote:
The main benefit of the addon is that it automatically mutes and unmutes NVDA as you shift focus to and away from the self voicing aspects of Speak ON.

David Griffith
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Hi Group,

I am wondering just what added benefit using an add on for Speak On Media Suite would be.  I don't use Speak On much any more--since I got my iPhone, but as I recall, Speak On is self voicing and speaks well in all the menus and at all levels.  Did something change within that program within the past few months that necessitates an add on?

On 5/12/2020 8:38 AM, David Griffith wrote:
Further to Isaac's message about the NVDA AddOn for Speak ON
   I copy below the Podcast series I am doing to aid people's use of the suite. These Podcasts can be freely distributed if they are of assistance in these times.

Speak On Resources
You can download Speak On media Suite from
Mailing List for Speak On

Speak On Media Podcast

Links are provided with SendSpace and DropBox.
01 Introduction Speak on Media Suite.mp3
This Podcast covers setting up Speak On Media, changing the default synthesiser to a more friendly   voice and  introduces you to the range of apps available by default, and then the further apps available through additional optional plugins.

02 Getting an Audio Books into Speak On Media Suite.mp3

This Podcast describes how shortcuts and the send to menu in File Explorer can be utilised to make it much easier to import books  and other content into  Speak On Media.

03 Playing Daisy and Audio Books in Speak On.mp3 This Podcast covers
loading and reading of Daisy and Audio Books. It explains Speak On navigation options, bookmarking, and varying the speed and volume of playback. It also introduces Speak On’s context sensitive help feature.

04 Reading eBooks on Speak On
This covers.
-Loading an eBook into the Speak On Directory through the Send To Menu.
-changing the Reading Voice.
- Navigation levels available in the eBook.
- Managing Bookmarks and getting book size information.
-Tabbing through the Player Bookmark list and Library view.
- Adjusting the speed and volume of book playback  on the fly.
- Copying and pasting text from an eBook into Notepad.
- Saving Sections of the book as text files.
- Creating a "virtual eBook" based upon a search term.

05 Speak On and Internet Radio
This Podcast covers
- Using a  free or paid Tunein account to access Radio in Speak On.
- Using the optional VI Radio app.
- Importing Radio Streams into the Other Media app to create a 3rd Customised Internet Radio  app.

Link to a Radio Streams folder to import into Speak On.

06 Using Speak On and the RNIB Reading Service.

This Podcasts covers downloading a  daisy Book from the new RNIB Reading Service  and playing it in Speak On.

07 Speak On and the RNIB Newsagent Service Part 1 - Newspapers.
This Podcasts covers.
1. Advantages of using Speak On to easily access the eText Newspaper service, including its Virtual Reader function to streamline reading.
Installing the task and logging into the eText service.
Lloading of Newspapers, navigation and adjustment of speed and volume of playback.
Setting up favourite papers.
Bookmarking and extracting articles into text files.

08 Speak On and the RNIB Newsagent Service Part 2 Magazines.
This Podcast covers accessing the RNIB magazine service and the workaround needed if the RNIB has broken a link from a Magazine to Speak On.

09 Speak On and Podcasts.

This Podcast covers searching for a Podcast, subscribing to a Podcast by adding to Favorites, downloading Podcast, and browsing the Category Online directory Service.   As part of this it show how Speak On acts as a virtual BBC Sounds app. It also covers importing OPML files from another Podcast Reader and briefly covers the optional VI Podcast app which provides access to selected Podcasts of interest to Blind and Partially Sighted People.
Note For a demonstration of the third Podcast facility in Speak On , via the tunein  Radio   app  to download Podcasts and Radio  shows from that service,  please refer back to Podcast 5 on Internet Radio and Speak On.

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Subject: [nvda] New SpeakOn MediaSuite NVDA add-on for version
2019.3.1 and later

Hello all

A new SpeakOn MediaSuite NVDA add-on is available for NVDA versions
2019.3.1 and later. This add-on does nothing by itself, you need to download and install SpeakOn Media suite for it to work.

More information to enable you to decide if it might be for you is provided towards the end of this message.

About a month ago there was an extensive discussion on this mailing
list about SpeakOn Media suite as part of podcast and books readers
related threads.

In addition to these, SpeakOn can handle Music, Radio and RNIB
Newspapers and Magazines in the UK.

The SpeakOn MediaSuite home page where you can find more information
including links to the download page and mailing list is at:

The NVDA add-on is a convenience or a necessity depends how you
interact with SpeakOn; you can use a Standard keyboard, a numerical
keypad or a touch screen.

Information on the NVDA add-on and a link to download can be found at:

Please note the following based on recent questions:

* SpeakOn is self voicing.

* SpeakOn supports English only.

* SpeakOn itself has not been updated for a while but with a minor
exception everything works and there are no known bugs.

* Audio books:

It supports Daisy 2 as used in the UK and (I think) most of Europe, it
does not support Daisy 3 as used in the US.

Books made of individual audio files as well as playlists are also

* Written books:

epub is supported as well as plain text.

* PDF is not supported

* DRM protection is not supported



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