Re: NVDA Systematic Crash

Luke Davis


You need to start re-enabling one add-on at a time, then check after the next log in whether it's working. When it fails, you'll know which add-on is causing it.

If you find one that causes it, disable that one again, and enable some other one, and see if it continues. Then you'll have a good idea where the problem is.

Also, get the Add-on Updater add-on if you don't have it already, to make sure all your add-ons are on the latest versions.


On Tue, 12 May 2020, Vlad Dragomir wrote:

Thanks once more Joseph. I did just that. Result: with no add-ons enabled, everything’s perfect, no crash at all. With only a few add-ons enabled, the crash
happens but later in time, about two minutes after logon, and it’s independent of what I am doing. With all add-ons enabled, it happens right after logon,
just after NVDA starts for the first time and says “taskbar”. I suppose this is complicated, maybe I should learn to live with it, I’ve bothered you enough
already. Thousands of thanks indeed!

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